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the price you pay

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On our recent trip to England, I began to feel more comfortable getting around on my own, meaning I no longer needed a local escort comprising of my mother in-law, my husband or my brother in-law. Yay! Graduation to being able to ride the rails on my own! The down side of this was the understanding of exactly how expensive it is to ride the rails… When complaining to a Beijing-based British friend about how it costs me about $15 …

the only thing we’ll miss

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Is the laughs. Going down as history’s most unpopular president won’t be easy, so here’s to remembering the funnies. Thanks to Greg, friend and fellow blogger for flagging this to me. It brought the lols.

if the crown fits

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1. They say we don’t deserve to be there (Texas?) 2. They give us ACC refs. 3. They don’t favor us to win. 4. Gators prove the crown still fits – winning the national championship title, again!

a new tune

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Apple announced some interesting changes to iTunes at the Macworld conference earlier this week – by May all iTunes music will be available in iTunes Plus. (insert snoring from everyone but me). What makes this interesting? Songs in iTunes Plus are DRM-free (digital rights management-free), which essentially is a geeky way of saying that Apple will have less control over the things you purchase. In the current iTunes version, you buy ‘fairplay’ songs, which in ‘patriot-act’ style branding, are encrypted products with …

spot the resemblance

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No matter how much I was convinced that the normally dominant Dorné genes were going to stomp out the Fitzsimmons genes – making Dom and my baby a little mini-me, Niamh has looked like the Fitzsimmons since the day she was born. Immediately, she looked so much like her Dad it was almost funny, except that I was pregnant for nearly 11 months and had a 31 hour labor – which somehow made it less humorous. As she has grown, she …