the working from home dilemma

One of the things I love most about my job, is the general flexibility I have. We all work hard, crazy hours when necessary, but we also believe that when you do have non-manic moments, you should enjoy life. For me, this is the beauty of working from home instead of being chained to your desk, reading gossip blogs and generally trying to ‘look busy’.

Being in a regional role, I travel a lot for work. I’ve missed things like the first day of pre-school, the first time my kid took the school bus, open house, etc. So when I’m in Beijing (and therefore not directly working with people in that office very often) I’m able to work from home – and for this I’m extremely grateful.

I love working from home, not only am I incredibly more efficient (this is where I do my best writing, and what does that say about me??? That I’m a child who resents the restrictions of corporate life? Who knows), but I can also exercise, eat a healthy lunch, cook dinner and spend time with my family. Niamh is in school in the mornings, so its especially quiet then. On top of this? I don’t have to fight the fight in Beijing traffic. A bonus for all involved.

I was recently in Singapore for 3 weeks for work, before that in Bangkok for two and in Hong Kong for one. So naturally, when I got back to Beijing I did a lot of working from home for the first week. After all, I had some making up to do.

It was during a morning break, to make another pot of coffee, that I discovered the greatest challenge to effectively working from home.

You might think this was my toddler. But that would be incorrect, she comes home from preschool has lunch and goes down for a nap – so she’s not in the picture till after 4.

Your second guess might be the lure of the TV. Afterall, we DO have satelite and therefore English TV… Wrong again.

THIS is the biggest challenge to working from home.

Anyone else have pets more in-your-face than your kids?

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