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the red siren

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For Christmas this year my hubby gave me one of those super cool Camelbak water bottles – in red. I drink tons of water, all day long. So despite this being one of my smaller gifts, it was also one of my favorites. I use it all day at home and I take it when I exercise. But since Christmas, I’ve learned a few things about this Camelbak bottle. In fact, its quite a mysterious gift, and they don’t tell …

the last china christmas

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After nearly 9 years in Beijing, we’re moving on to greener, and sunnier pastures. Recently, I agreed to move to Singapore with my company, and my family couldn’t be more excited about the move. A new decade, a new start. Before we go, we wanted to document better our time in China. Before Niamh, we used to travel all over China, but since then we’ve been staying home a lot more, and well, the pictures from the past two years …