the red siren

For Christmas this year my hubby gave me one of those super cool Camelbak water bottles – in red. I drink tons of water, all day long. So despite this being one of my smaller gifts, it was also one of my favorites. I use it all day at home and I take it when I exercise.

But since Christmas, I’ve learned a few things about this Camelbak bottle. In fact, its quite a mysterious gift, and they don’t tell you these things in the product description, so I thought I should warn you.

Things I’ve learned about my Camelbak:
1. She’s a red siren, she calls my daughter’s name at a level that only she can hear. She says “come drink me, I can be YOUR water bottle. I don’t want to be ‘mama’s water’ anymore”

2. She can inform my daughter of her coordinates at any point in time, whether its on my night stand, the dining room table or the bookshelf. Like a moth to a flame…

3. She convinces my daughter that if she simply picks her up slowly and turns her back to me, that I can’t see her drinking my water.

4. She causes my daughter to adamantly state “Mei Mei’s WATER!!!!!” everytime she sees the bottle.

5. Water out of the Camelbak, in fact, tastes better than the water in any other bottle, sippy cup or big girl cup.

6. She’s indestructable. You can bite the top off and drop the bottle on the ground, and its still fine. I’ve seen this stunt performed…

As you can see, it is the most popular Christmas gift, and I have to keep fighting to keep it as MY Christmas gift.

After all Santa’s efforts, he really missed the mark when he didn’t bring Niamh one.

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