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why is this necessary? ice cream turkey

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The Today Show tweeted this picture, a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Turkey. I’m sort of horrified, yet also strangely curious. Ok, I want a bite. But seriously, why is this necessary?

an unconventional thanksgiving

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I’ve lived abroad for essentially my entire adult life. Thanksgiving for me has gone from being the most fun family get together as a kid, running around my grandparents house playing with my cousins; to 5 star hotel buffets in Beijing where the food was right but the Philippine cover band singing Beatles songs was oddly off; to hosting it for a group of friends in a boozy house party setting; to eventually doing a more family friendly version with …

mastering chopsticks

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These are the super cute chopsticks we bought Niamh in Beijing, which she has never really had an interest in using. The other night, Ayi and I went out to dinner with Niamh. We chose a Taiwanese place down the road, which consistently has good food and quick service. They always start you off with an appetizer of boiled peanuts, delicious, but not the easiest thing to eat with chopsticks. Naturally, this is the first time Niamh has expressed an …

things not to bring on the flight

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For my big birthday this year, we flew to Bali for 5 days of much needed rest and relaxation…and celebration! The surprise of my life was my parents and family friends, the Rockey’s surprised me in Singapore and went on the trip with us. One of the best things about living in Singapore is its proximity to other fabulous destinations, 60-90 mins to Thailand, 45 mins to Malaysia, 2 hours to Bali, and the list goes on and on. What …

why is this necessary? robodeer

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Dear Florida – why is this necessary? Seriously, hunters can’t control themselves, so it was necessary to create a robotic deer to catch hunters shooting in off season? Treehuger explains: Wildlife in Florida have an unlikely new ally in the fight against poaching – a remote-controlled buck lovingly known as Robo-deer. Although he can do little more than flick his tail and turn his head, Robo-deer is so convincingly lifelike that some illegal hunters can’t help but take a shot at him. …

macritchie reservoir run

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Sunday the hubby and I ran in our first race in Singapore. The race bug first bit us last year when we did the Great Wall Race, half marathon for the hubby and I did the 10K. It was a fun race, and the camaraderie was infectious. I was really surprised how supportive the other runners were, cheering each other one, throwing out words of encouragement as they passed and clapping for you as you cross the line. Complete strangers …

online video of the day: dancing parrot

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This is the first time I’ve heard this song. I try not to listen to little kid music as it get stuck in my head and then I embarrass myself by singing it in public. (Damn you Justin Beiber!) But I had to share this, because it is hilarious and totally made my day. The best part is that the bird totally mixes it up and doesn’t stick to one move. So funny, but sorta feel bad for it that …

is this an IP issue?

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I’m guessing that Louis Vuitton is not making a foray into the fledgling auto industry. But this was snapped at a Target in West Hollywood: This raises several questions for me: Why is someone masquerading in a LV car, shopping at Target? You aren’t fooling anyone. If LV was going to make a car, I’m pretty sure it would be some saucy, small bitch-mobile and not a clunky sedan. Just sayin’. LV is pretty clear about their stance on fake …

a lot can happen in five minutes

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Sunday is family day, which is really our own personal re-branding of “Ayi’s Day Off.” Generally, we leave our house open so Niamh and the dog can go in-and-out freely as they play (read: run around like lunatics). Our yard is fenced in and our front gate has a latch up high that Niamh can’t reach, so this system works well. I spent five minutes in the kitchen cleaning up, and then went to look for Niamh. The scene: one …

school concert through pictures

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Over the weekend (yes, the weekend!) Niamh’s school had their annual concert. Being the master communicators the school is known the be, we had no details leading up to the event of what time, where or what the overall plan was. The only thing we were informed in advance about, was that a ticket cost $25 a person. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic to spend $75 to go watch a pre-school performance. The most annoying part of our …