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breaking in the new office

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Over the holidays my company moved office, I know, you’re kinda jealous. On my other blog, I described coming to this office after the holidays… As if moving 3 times in a year wasn’t enough fun, moving offices is also a super way to ring in the holidays. After standing in the elevator shaft yesterday morning for 20 mins (a new door lock system was implemented while I was away) to the realization that there are no Starbucks in walking …

christmas, a new year and a new blog

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Sorry about the break, I was busy enjoying the holiday season in England, including my first white Christmas(!), and this post will more than make up the break, I promise. So here’s the highs and lows of our holiday, and what’s next. A highlight for me of course was having a white Christmas, it was beautiful. But I learned that asking for a white Christmas can be risky, Heathrow had major cancellations and I consider myself lucky to have made …