breaking in the new office

Over the holidays my company moved office, I know, you’re kinda jealous.

On my other blog, I described coming to this office after the holidays…

As if moving 3 times in a year wasn’t enough fun, moving offices is also a super way to ring in the holidays.

After standing in the elevator shaft yesterday morning for 20 mins (a new door lock system was implemented while I was away) to the realization that there are no Starbucks in walking distance of this office, I can say a “case of the Mondays” were in full effect by 9:30am.

However, I think I finally had a chance to break in the office yesterday.

Our new office is much cooler than our last, its an old school with big windows along both sides and is one long room. It has a cool loft feel to it. Walking to the other end of the office to pick up something from the color printer, I was feeling good in my post-Christmas purchases. A new dress and a pair of rockin shoes I bought in the UK. You know that feeling when you’ve got your new clothes on?

Then I stepped through the floor.

That’s right, my four inch heel went through the concrete floor. All four inches of it. Of course this is a soft spot and something is wrong with how the contractor did our floor, but in an office of petite Singaporeans, why does it have to be the big white girl who steps through the concrete?

I took it in stride, but I was less than pleased to see my silver spikes look like it was chewed by a rabid dog…

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