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because who cares if your dentist can spell?

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Well this looks like a quality establishment.

breakfast of champions

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Lately my mini-me has been getting up in the morning and going downstairs without waking us up. While part of me wants to rejoice at an extra half hour of sleep, the other part of me wakes up in a panic about what she is up to. Normally, I’m woken up by the dog being let in the house, the front door noisily opening (our yard is fenced in and she can’t unlock the gate), or some other loud noise. …

cupid shoots, he scores!

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This year, for the first time, my husband outdid me on Valentine’s Day. I was shocked. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays (notice I say that about every holiday?) As a kid, I used to exchange cards with my parents and every year they used to give me a little box of the Valentine’s Day heart candies, with the messages on them. I used to sort out all the ones I liked first, and work downward …

i’m sold!

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Found some old photos from China when organizing my files last week. This was from our Chinese New Year trip in 2005 to Guilin and Yangshou in south China. Several things went wrong with this trip, and the trip alone could be a chapter in my future book on hilarious China experiences. We found these in our awesome hotel room, which was not reassuring…

ringing in year of the rabbit

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This was our first Chinese New Year celebration outside China, and in Singapore, it is definitely different but no less festive. Because of the cultural revolution in China, lots of mainlanders don’t celebrate certain holidays as closely to the ‘old way’ as people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Singapore do. A staple Chinese New Year in Beijing involves lots of jiaozi (dumplings) and for this I am eternally grateful. They are pretty much the best food in the world! …

little miss independent

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In recent weeks, the princess has decided that she can do things herself. That’s right, she doesn’t need us anymore. She can put on her own shoes, put the toothpaste on her toothbrush and clear her dishes to the sink. The most commonly repeated phrase in my household at the moment is “I do it myself!” – usually said with a tone of indignation. Don’t get me wrong, this is all good news. Problem is, yours truly’s patience. Or lack …