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the dog and the cat

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We’ve had our completely neurotic cat now for at least 5+ years. I’m his favorite person in the world and he lives for me. This could be a symptom of his neurosis. Last year we got a dog. I had always believed that if you have the cat already when you get the dog, that they get used to each other. I now know this is not true. Apparently, if you get them together, they grow up together. Basically, our …

Jakarta in pictures

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Recently I went to Jakarta for work. It was a much cooler, funkier, vibey city than I expected. Needless to say, it wasn’t a fundamentalist, jihad-hungry muslim state that the American media had previously suggested. In fact, the people were super nice and modern. Here’s some cool facts about Indonesia. Indonesia has 17,508 islands and is the world’s 4th most populous country. It’s Facebook’s second largest market, and Indonesia’s biggest twitter personality is our Chairman’s daughter, Sherina Munaf – who …