how i know my husband loves me

I know my husband loves me, because I came home and saw this:

You may remember this is my high-maintenance Christmas tree (HMT) with hundreds of individually labelled branches. Last year my husband electrocuted himself on the lights shortly after an outburst over HMT.

Because HMT is so, well, high-maintenance, each year I vow that we’ll put it up earlier so we can enjoy it for longer – get more out of the effort! Every year, there is a reason why this doesn’t happen. This year its because we were in Cambodia the first week of December. But there have been years where we were going away and didn’t bother to put it up at all – sad!

Simply put, we dread the process.

This year, I have dropped a LOT of hints (to anyone who will listen) about how it is the man’s job to put up the tree and put on the lights. After-all, I’ll do everything else – the decorating, the cooking, shopping, Christmas playlists, entertaining/hosting, wrapping… Seems fair, right?

In this case, I probably still come out ahead, but HMT is beautiful! And that’s what counts.


What is your tree like? Do you go real or fake?

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  1. Christy Gullikson

    This is cute! Catching up on your blog….love it!

    • Dalton Dorné

      Glad to have you on the new site!

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