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adfab: BMW scores with outdoor smackdown

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What do you do when your competitor directly challenges you?

If you’re BMW, you respond quickly with strategic placement and messaging. Funny. I don’t know which agency is behind this, but hats off. I laughed.

We saw a lot of this sort of quick-response messaging in our (Euro RSCG’s) campaigns for David Cameron’s election – where we had executions up within a matter of hours. (Original here, response here). Ironically, the ad that comes to mind also involved an audi…

In case you can’t see the first billboard well, it reads: Your Move BMW

adfab: thai jeans

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Some people do lunges, some people are born with it. Our friends in Thailand however, have the option of buying ass-enhancing jeans!

Even better than the actual product, is the ad itself!

In case the print is too small, here is the copy:

The Revolt Jeans

Ass Up Cut


The tagline makes you stop in your tracks! Would YOU buy a pair?