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a couple specific restrictions

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Apparently there have been a few issues on the MRT (subway/tube/underground trains) in Singapore.

The country, known for its impeccable organization and planning – sometimes at the risk of being a bit too organized and therefore dull – have released these new restrictions for baggage on the MRT.

Drop those plasmas ladies!Drop those plasmas ladies!

Unfortunately, they’ve done so around a price increase, which makes most commuters feel they should be allowed, as one fabulous facebook friend put it, “to bring a baby elephant” on-board if they wish.

What really stands out to me is how specific they’ve been. You are not allowed to bring a 32 plasma TV on the train. Really? Is this a big problem? I’ve never seen anyone on the MRT with a TV!!

Oh, and don’t bring big cartons either. What’s next, luggage?

Mass transit is only for commuters it seems.

the dog and the cat

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We’ve had our completely neurotic cat now for at least 5+ years. I’m his favorite person in the world and he lives for me. This could be a symptom of his neurosis.

Last year we got a dog. I had always believed that if you have the cat already when you get the dog, that they get used to each other. I now know this is not true. Apparently, if you get them together, they grow up together. Basically, our cat still despises the dog and acts completely put out if the dog even so much as looks at him.

The dog however, cannot seem to come to terms with the fact that Tucker (our cat), does not want to a) play with her b) be chased by her.

After nearly a year together, this is what a typical encounter looks like.

1. Sandy realizes Tucker has come out of hiding – spots him in the kitchen. Tucker puts his ears back and wishes in vain that she will go away.
2. Sandy thinks she can slowly slide closer without Tucker noticing. He begins to move away.
3. Fully busted, Sandy goes into play position. Tucker tries to make an escape.
4. Tucker looses his cool and chases the dog while hissing.

Just another day in pet paradise.

online video of the day: paper ripping baby

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Here is an 8 month old baby, absolutely cracking up over her Dad ripping up some paper. Turns out, it was a job rejection letter, but it was so fun, that they moved on to credit card bills.


Reminds you what’s really important in life (our children, and a good laugh!)


breaking in the new office

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Over the holidays my company moved office, I know, you’re kinda jealous.

On my other blog, I described coming to this office after the holidays…

As if moving 3 times in a year wasn’t enough fun, moving offices is also a super way to ring in the holidays.

After standing in the elevator shaft yesterday morning for 20 mins (a new door lock system was implemented while I was away) to the realization that there are no Starbucks in walking distance of this office, I can say a “case of the Mondays” were in full effect by 9:30am.

However, I think I finally had a chance to break in the office yesterday.

Our new office is much cooler than our last, its an old school with big windows along both sides and is one long room. It has a cool loft feel to it. Walking to the other end of the office to pick up something from the color printer, I was feeling good in my post-Christmas purchases. A new dress and a pair of rockin shoes I bought in the UK. You know that feeling when you’ve got your new clothes on?

Then I stepped through the floor.

That’s right, my four inch heel went through the concrete floor. All four inches of it. Of course this is a soft spot and something is wrong with how the contractor did our floor, but in an office of petite Singaporeans, why does it have to be the big white girl who steps through the concrete?

I took it in stride, but I was less than pleased to see my silver spikes look like it was chewed by a rabid dog…

man of the house

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The hubby had an unexpected business trip to Beijing this month, that caused him to be away for 10 nights.

Last night he swept back into town for all of 12 hours, in which he re-packed his suitcase with primarily the same things (winter clothes) and took off with our daughter to England for Christmas. I’m following them next week.

What all this means, is that the hubby and I are apart for essentially 21 days this month…some lead-up to the holidays! He’s had to miss Christmas carols in the park (I’m sure he is devastated) and fun Christmas drinks with friends.

Interestingly, he was only gone two nights when I woke up to this.

Tucker has decided in the hubby’s absence that he is now man of the house. And as such, he’s going to sleep on the hubby’s pillow.

why is this necessary? ice cream turkey

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The Today Show tweeted this picture, a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Turkey.

I’m sort of horrified, yet also strangely curious. Ok, I want a bite. But seriously, why is this necessary?

why is this necessary? robodeer

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Dear Florida – why is this necessary?

Seriously, hunters can’t control themselves, so it was necessary to create a robotic deer to catch hunters shooting in off season?

Treehuger explains:

Wildlife in Florida have an unlikely new ally in the fight against poaching – a remote-controlled buck lovingly known as Robo-deer. Although he can do little more than flick his tail and turn his head, Robo-deer is so convincingly lifelike that some illegal hunters can’t help but take a shot at him. But when they do, those poachers end up getting served something a lot worse than steel veal – that’s because Robo-deer works for the cops.

Officers are able to control Robo-deer’s movements from up to 50 feet away with a radio-controlled device mounted its back. When the tempting target is placed in the brush along the roadside, folks driving by who have no qualms about hunting illegally will inevitably stop to shoot at the majestic, albeit mechanical, “animal” — giving officers justification to step in and arrest them.


For a video demo, click here

online video of the day: dancing parrot

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This is the first time I’ve heard this song. I try not to listen to little kid music as it get stuck in my head and then I embarrass myself by singing it in public. (Damn you Justin Beiber!)

But I had to share this, because it is hilarious and totally made my day. The best part is that the bird totally mixes it up and doesn’t stick to one move. So funny, but sorta feel bad for it that its obviously had to listen to this song a few times!


the grass is always greener

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When I was back in Beijing the other week working out of our Beijing office, I was blown away by how many things have opened up in the office building since I moved away in March.

I worked out of that office for two years, and that building has been around as long as I can remember, looming over the third ring road. It’s hardly a new structure, yet the back buildings were always empty, and had been for years. It was never easy to eat around the office, and you were better off packing your lunch. The one thing in the building was a Blenz coffee, which you would never guess in a million years was part of a broader franchise – and is the kind of place that would have you praying to the coffee Gods to send you a Starbucks.

So you can imagine my horror when I walked into the lobby and spotted a Starbucks sign towards the back, with a big wrap-around ‘coming soon’ banner. On top of this, an upscale supermarket has opened, as well as a cantonese cafe chain, a Subway, a cooking school and western cafe and an entirely new and improved food court complete with dim sum sections.

Seriously this building has been there for years, and I’m not gone 6 months and everyone and their mom opens up shop. The injustice was excruciating.

In China, if one seller opens up, three more open up next to them – often selling the same stuff. It’s sort of a running joke about why are all the apple sellers stationed right next to each other?

Well recently I stumbled on this little gem online, apparantly coffee shops are an emerging craze in second tier cities in China. With blatant Starbucks rip-offs having been around for years, this one surely takes the cake.

Love how the blogger calls it a coffee brothel instead of a coffee bar.

China never ceases to amaze, or amuse. And that’s why I love it so much.

Thank you China, once again you have made my day.

the other L word

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Recently, our scale hasn’t been working well, it was jumping from ranges such as 130 lbs (celebration!) to 190 (cry!) to 70 (hospitalization!). I knew something was wrong, so Dom changed the battery and for a few days, we seemed to be back on track. Until this morning. This morning, I stepped on the scale to face the music. This is what I got back:

Hmmm, the other L word. Let me know what you think it means!