greatest hits christmas

Our first Christmas without family creates new Read more

Merry Christmas

For the first time in history, I've managed to send out our Christmas card on time. Read more

christmas cookies

Christmas cookies gone wrong. Sugar cookie recipe meets Singapore Read more

a letter to Santa

Yesterday, Niamh wrote a letter to Santa. She covers all the key points... Read more

suck your stomach in!

"Suck your stomach in and put your shoulders back." How many times have I heard my mother say this? And Read more


greatest hits christmas

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This year is our first-ever Christmas on our own. In the past the mere thought of Christmas without our families would have sent me into a depressive state – Christmas is about family! But this year, we were facing a move across the world in January and it didn’t make sense for us to travel when preparing to uproot our lives a few weeks later. Maybe because the decision was more necessity versus choice, I found myself excited about doing Christmas on our own!

“This will be great!” my husband promised, cautious of my usual desire to be with our families. “We’ll create our own traditions, its good for us to do this.”

While I must agree, I always envisioned us hosting Christmas, not doing it alone. Historically, we’ve alternated between my parents house in Florida and my husband’s parents in England, so it only seemed a matter of time before we insert ourselves as hosts into the pattern. But on our own? On Christmas?

Surprisingly, I found myself almost excited to do it on our own – a sort of practice run for hosting without the pressure. It was freedom to do whatever we want, the best of tropical yet southern-infused Christmases in Florida to traditional English Christmases – a sort of greatest hits of Christmases past.

Christmas cookies, eggnog and carols while decorating the tree; mince pies, a Christmas pudding (which went MIA in our house, yet to be found!), Christmas cartoon classics like The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, red and green Christmas M&Ms and a twist on our usual egg casserole for Christmas-day brunch.

I even unintentionally carried on a family tradition  – my parents always forgot a present and would find it later in the day. They would notice something wasn’t opened and have to remember where it was hidden. This wasn’t every year, but nearly. Well, I beat em. I found a whole bag of gifts for Niamh – about half the gifts I bought her! I’m not sure that is a good sign, surely I should have a few more years before I start totally losing it???

The biggest shock is how much WORK it all is. I think I did well in the decor department, but the stockings weren’t as stuffed as they should be, the cookies were soggy and I was constantly missing one ingredient per recipe. “Oh, bourbon for eggnog? Sprinkles for the Christmas cookies? Custard, but where has the Christmas pudding gone?”

As much as I enjoyed it, and I did, I have an entirely new appreciation for what both of our mothers pull off  year after year.  And I love Santa more than ever.

Merry Christmas

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I have finally, for the first time in history, managed to send out our Christmas card on time. Ok ok, I cheated a little. I made this cute Christmas card from on the Lifecards Christmas app on my ipad. I did them December 24 and sent them out via facebook and email. The app cost .99 cents and sending out the cards is completely free. Seriously – the best .99 cents I ever spent! Sometimes, procrastination pays. :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone – from our family to yours.


christmas cookies

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Every year my Mom serves Christmas cookies and eggnog while we decorate the Christmas tree as a family. We have always blasted Christmas music and while taking turns putting the ornaments on the tree and talking about the homemade ones they had saved that make an appearance each year. Its probably one of my fondest Christmas traditions.

As such, it was one of the most important things I wanted to incorporate into our first year of having Christmas at our house – our sort of “greatest hits Christmases past”.

Slice and bake cookies can’t be found in Singapore, so I needed to do it from scratch. No biggie I thought to myself, I recently had a blast making a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies with Niamh. How hard can it be?

I decided to go with sugar cookies this time so we could use some holiday cookie cutters, and went to a cake store to try and track down some red or green sprinkles, colored sugar or similar to decorate the cookies with. Niamh is currently in a phase where if you are in the kitchen doing anything, she wants to pull up her chair to see if she can help. Usually, this is really fun, having her chatting away while doing something easy like stirring ingredients together.

After looking up a sugar cookie recipe online, and comparing to a few others (ok, scouring all the reviews and comments!) I went with one that swears people always ask for the recipe when they eat them. Sold! The dough was supposed to sit in the fridge overnight to harden and then you roll it out and cut the shapes. Easy-peasy. Only problem is clearly these people do not live in Singapore – where its 86 degrees with 90 percent humidity. Turn the oven on in a non-airconditioned kitchen? Yeah, I wasn’t the only thing melting. Trying to pick up the dough to roll it out was like sticking my hand in a bucket of glue.

Losing a battle with the dough!

“I don’t understand what’s wrong, it was in the fridge overnight!” I shouted hysterically to my husband while up to my wrists in dough-glue. “Don’t touch it!” I snapped at Niamh while using my elbows to pick up the bowl and shove it back in the fridge.

After a couple failed attempts I finally put the dough in the freezer. I then realized I could pull out a fist full of frozen dough at a time and make two cookies with it before it melted. The recipe made 76 cookies total – awesome.

The project turned into a 4-hour cookie-making marathon that Niamh couldn’t participate in. Even better, is they were super bland cookies due to the excessive amount of flour needed to roll a singlecookie, thus canceling out the sugar.

I tried to spice them up with creative decor, like red and green coated chocolate buttons on the gingerbread shaped men and red and green dusting. I bought the dusting at a cake store after being told they were sold out of red and green sprinkles, as well as sugar. I was promised that I could dust the shimmer on dry or add water and paint the color on. That was before I spent four hours making individual cookies, so I decided to dust them.

“They look a little morbid,” my husband noted, cautiously. “But I’m sure they still taste fine,” he added.

They didn’t, of course. Even worse is the green dust looked like mold.

Despite this, my daughter was nothing short of obsessed with them. By the end of cooking-making drama, I no longer had the energy to decorate the tree that night. So had to break her lil heart and put it off for a day. Talk about the dangling carrot.

By 10 am the next day, Niamh had asked me no less than 127 times if she could eat the Christmas cookies. I went from patiently explaining we would have some when we decorate the tree that night, to snapping that she wouldn’t be allowed to have any if she asked me again! I am MEAN. I also had half a mind to let her sit down and eat them all, until she makes herself sick.  In the end, she ate two, asked for a third, and then the rest were eventually throw out.

But we had cookies, eggnog and carols while decorating the tree. And she won’t remember how bad they looked or tasted. She will, however, likely become a big fan of slice and bake cookies and never understand why.


a letter to Santa

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Yesterday, Niamh wrote a letter to Santa. Well, she dictated a letter to Santa and I wrote it for her. She covers all the key points, that she was good, listing the good things she’s done and even helps provide some details about our house – so Santa can recognize it. My favorite part though is when she tells him which stocking is hers…

Today, we got Santa’s reply. 02 have launched a brilliant social media campaign, where if you tweet at them, you will get a personalized message from Santa. Brillliant. So I tweeted at them – and had the amazing experience of getting to tell my daughter that she had received a personal reply from Santa. Her letter has been answered and it was a great moment.


suck your stomach in!

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“Suck your stomach in and put your shoulders back.”

How many times have I heard my mother say this? And yet, I’ve still not learned.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store and came out to the taxi area only to be met with a mega line. My husband took the cart to the side and Niamh and I waited in line. There was a frazzled and friendly Mom in front of us, balancing the cart, a three year old boy trying to climb from the back to the front of said cart, all while she was on the phone. I kindly reached out to help steady her cart while she moved him to the front seat and when she got off the phone we started chatting about our kids ages, how cute they were, all the normal things until she asked me how I’m feeling in my second pregnancy.

“How are you finding it the second time around?” she asked in a way that exposed her enthusiasm for a second child, yet the nervousness of someone who has an active 3 year old boy. Normally I’d just snap, “I’m not pregnant!” but I just didn’t have the heart to tell her I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t want to embarrass her, and she was so excited about it.

“Are you so tired because you already have one to chase after?” she pressed.

“Oh…” I stammered, before deciding a white lie was best. “I’m not too tired, I just really feel the heat.”

“Mommy! There’s a baby in your belly!?” Niamh shrieked with utter joy.

I immediately began to regret my white lie, and as so often is the case with lies, they usually require another lie. So I tried to salvage the situation by telling Niamh we would talk about it later. But she was not to be pacified. She shoved her ear to my stomach and squeled, “I can hear it in there Mommy! I can hear the baby in your belly!!!”

I excused ourselves and abandoned our spot in line, you know, because the heat was too much and rushed Niamh back into the store. I was not about to lie to Niamh to save face for this woman (and now myself!) so I had no choice but to get us out of there fast.

Once inside, I had to explain to Niamh that sadly, I’m not pregnant, I just need to suck my stomach in. And I probably need to put my shoulders back too while I’m at it!



finding a new home

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Welcome to my new website! It’s still a work in progress but I’m super proud of it, and feel like a grown up big girl blogger now, having moved successfully to wordpress – yippee!

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my awesome colleague, Natalie, who is super smart and tech savvy.

I’m in the process of moving all my old posts over so please use this site from now on.

As you remember, I’ve been playing with the name of my blog for some time now. I just never find something I really like long-term – maybe that’s the Libra in me.

I’ve gone from the rather un-original name, “Dalton” to “an unconventional life” to “fabulous abraod” – now its “Mom on the Run” – which is meant to reflect my hectic career/mom/expat life.

What do you think of the new name? Have something even more fabulous for me? Please leave any suggestions in the comments section and if I switch to your suggestion – there will be a prize!

There have been many changes during my 3 month hiatus – updates to be posted soon.

As always, thank you for reading! xo

how to tell if its really your birthday

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Like most children, my daughter loves her birthday. She loves cake, presents and most of all, the attention!

Throughout the year, I will prep her for upcoming birthdays. For some reason, I always get the same response.

Me: Tomorrow is Daddy’s birthday, so we’re going to celebrate tomorrow. Isn’t that exciting?
Niamh: It’s MY birthday tomorrow?
Me: No, its Daddy’s birthday.
Niamh: Mine?
Me: (Sigh) No, your birthday is in July. I’ll tell you when its your birthday.

On top of this, she consistently offers her services in unwrapping other people’s gifts and blowing out candles.

I guess because birthday’s are always my word against her hope, when it actually was her birthday, she couldn’t quite believe it.

I told her a week in advance, “next week is your birthday!” and reminded her leading up to the day, “Sunday is your birthday!”

This year, she got something special. A big girl bike from both sets of her grandparents. She was ecstatic, and within an hour was whizzing around on it. She also had a party with her friends at our house, cupcakes, presents, the whole deal.

Later, she spoke to her Mimi and Pops to thank them.

M&P: Happy birthday Niamh!
Niamh: Are you serious???
M&P: (moment of silence). Yes, happy birthday, today’s really your birthday!!
N: Are you playing funny games?

I had to get on the phone and explain that yes, we gave her the bike and she loved it. Yes she did know it was her birthday!

But without a sense of time, how do children really know it’s their birthday? It must feel like I’m a mean mom denying her a possible birthday 364 days of the year. She can hardly believe her luck when it finally is.

how to traumatize your children

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Recently, my Uncle posted some baby pictures of me on Facebook. Looking at them I can almost remember those moments. Probably because as a kid I used to look at my baby pictures all the time, so they still seem so familiar.

When I was at home last week, I decided to pull out my baby album, which I haven’t seen in years. I wanted to show it to my daughter, who is now about to turn four. I thought she would enjoy seeing how we look alike, what my parents (her Mimi and Pops) looked like when they were my age, and seeing her Mooma (my grandmother) back then too.

About 2-3 years old, at our timeshare in the Florida Keys

I thought I would point out our family dog at the time, our old house, and us being on vacation in the Keys – the same place we still vacation – and that it would be a really sweet Mother/Daughter activity.

Per usual, I was wrong. It lead to a hysterical breakdown complete with heaving sobs and a runny nose.

“What’s wrong?” I asked shutting the album on page 2.
SOB, unable to reply through the extreme tears.
“Honey, use your words and tell Mommy what’s wrong,” I pleaded.
“There’s no me!” she sobbed.

I tried in vain to explain that of course there wasn’t yet, Mimi and Pops had a baby, that is Mommy. Then Mommy and Daddy grew up and had her. No dice, this didn’t make it better at all. In fact, the entire history of the world apparently began when my daughter was born. She was born and brought the rest of us into existence with her arrival, or at least she thinks so.

So if you’re looking for a fun family activity/way to traumatize your children, have you considered sharing your family album?

there’s always a solution

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One of the things I loved most about living and working in China was that there was always a solution. The answer is never really ‘No’ – there is always a way around the problem at hand. I admire this ability for limitless possibilities. It makes China exceptionally exciting, it has possibly, also made me petulant about the organization and limitations of working in a more ‘Western’ style. But that’s another discussion.

However, just because there is always a solution to a problem, doesn’t mean the solution is a good one – as this video reminds me.

Here is a driver in China, going over the footbridge to get around a traffic jam. Seriously? I’m shocked they could even pull this off, but possibly the best part of the video is that people continue to try and walk around the car. If I got to the stairs and saw a car at top facing down on me, I would NOT keep walking towards it. Especially the guy with the baby in his arms….

Watch the whole video, it’s worth it.


breakfast of champions

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Lately my mini-me has been getting up in the morning and going downstairs without waking us up. While part of me wants to rejoice at an extra half hour of sleep, the other part of me wakes up in a panic about what she is up to.

Normally, I’m woken up by the dog being let in the house, the front door noisily opening (our yard is fenced in and she can’t unlock the gate), or some other loud noise.

Today I thought I was up before her, because the house was very quiet. At 7:15 I went downstairs and noticed the front door was open, and I could see her sitting on the front porch on the lounge chair, with the dog at her side. This was such a cute, peaceful image, so I crept up with my phone to take a picture.

Then I saw it. The breakfast of champions.

The princess had poured herself a bowl of Valentine’s candy for breakfast. So unfortunately, I started my day not with a ‘good morning’ a hug or a kiss, but a lecture about how we don’t eat candy for breakfast.

Then I fed her a bowl of frosted flakes out of pity, which probably has the same nutritional value as the bowl of candy.