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talk about a 180

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Last week we spent five days in Bali for my birthday, it was a big one… More on the fun and surprises of last week later…

One of our first impressions was a large piece of artwork on the side of the road on the way from the airport to our villa, that was a painting of President Obama and Michelle Obama. You don’t expect to see paintings of the US President and his wife being sold on rural streets in Southeast Asia…

I’ve lived overseas for what will be ten years next year – basically my entire adult life has been spent outside of the US. In my time, we’ve been sympathized with (during 9/11) and in some cases snickered at (they got what they deserved) and mostly, spent a majority of the last decade being unpopular over our former President Bush and his actions in Iraq. For Americans living abroad, you are acutely aware of how the rest of the world feels about you.

Seeing this kind of artwork reminds me that we have come a long way in a short amount of time, in terms of getting on better terms with the rest of the world. In fact, I am amazed at all that has been achieved, and yet shocked at how much further we still have to go to get things right back home. But at least we are on the right path.

Another Obama original work on display at a market in Ubud, Bali

Of course, I’m sure there are some who would see this global support as ‘proof’ that he is not American or some other silly fear-mongering rumor.

All I know is it feels good to be liked again!

the only thing we’ll miss

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Is the laughs.

Going down as history’s most unpopular president won’t be easy, so here’s to remembering the funnies.

Thanks to Greg, friend and fellow blogger for flagging this to me. It brought the lols.